Friday, September 26, 2014

Working Buttons on Twitter!

Well everyone knows social media marketing is always looking for ways to connect the business and its potential clients a new way to interact. This is my first time to see an actual clickable button on Twitter.

Check it out here.

If you click the button, you are given a one-step way of sharing your email with the design inspiration blog PSFK. Awesome! (Twitter actually stars out or "*****"s your e-mail just to let you know it's a safe system).


The Scarves Store - Hermés Le Maison des Carres

Hermes, the noted luxury goods label, has launched an online store devoted to their iconic scarves inspired by French architecture and a lot of imagination.

A new website for luxury retailer Hermés , La Maison des Carrés, is beautiful and as intricately designed as the product it’s selling. Inspired by an impossible vision for a perfect physical store, La Maison de Carrés is immersive.

With many playful animations, surprising gestures and functionality, the website recreates the act of discovery often reserved for physical stores. With more than 600 different models of silk squares, shawls, twills, scarves and stoles, the store makes purchasing possible with just three easy clicks.

Read full article on PSFK here here.

Thursday, September 25, 2014 is celebrating its/her 8th Birthday!

Jessica Zafra's blog is turning 8 and because of that she'll be asking 8 questions for 8 midnights. If you give the best answer for a night, you'll get a gift!

There are Italian hand-crafted chocolates, Dove body care products and A TRIP TO BORACAY up for grabs.

Isn't that just a dream? To keep a blog for 8 long years. That's just amazing. And also, that bountiful basket of artisanal chocolates. Yum!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hoshi's Cheesecake Thing

I was in Jakarta a few weeks ago. I spent almost a month there enjoying the cityscape and participating in my current favorite hobby – general loitering.

My sister lives in a convenient condo complex where you just go through a tunnel and voila! You are in the realm of capitalists with a swanky mall. It has all the Braun Buffels, Versaces and Fendi stores you need in your urban upbringing with bloated paychecks and gaping loneliness.

I have previously said I do not enjoy eating. This still holds true. I do not have a favorite food and the biggest advantage of this indifference towards flavour is I could eat anything without any attachment. I almost like it and move on. I'm the best travel buddy because I wouldn't complain if you decide to eat exotic crap. I'll just chew and move on. If you decide not to eat at all, let us hold hands and fast. 

The same emotions went with this:

It is Hoshi's blueberry cheesecake knock-off in a handy triangular shape. The cheese is so good and very cheesy. This costs around a dollar (Rp13,000) which is too cheap. I could have had around 15 of this during my stay there. Most of this I had in secret and with shame. When my sister is out and about, I'd haul myself into the mall and roll gracefully towards Hoshi. It was so convenient you didn't have to climb any staircase to get there!

It was my intention to post a blurry picture. I think the next day was manicure day when this was taken so my nails were in a nasty state.

I decided to blog on this because I'm in the province now and the kitchen (I refer to it as a separate entity from the house just because) served a rich cup of native chocolate. This is my absolute favorite and I distinctly remember that as a child, I'd fantasize in detail how I could be stuck in a vat filled with hot cocoa. I would die....grspjasll....with fuming and jdskljsldkj nose. I'm gross. Blah blah.

Imagine tearing that Hoshi cheesecake bread apart, coating it in chocolate and putting it in your mouth. That is almost love. But meh, I'm over it. 

I'm now

It is that time of year again that I buy my own domain name. Actually, I didn't buy it. I got for free. It came with a package I needed from Of course, I decide to use it on my blog for the convenience of my 20+ viewers/day.

For now, please type in the "www"s before the address. Using just will give a glorious "Error" page. According to my intense Googling and reading on that matter, it will take at most 48 hours for that to fix itself.

So the waiting game. Whatdoyouthink?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

You should try Globe's Spotify!

Ikot-ikot from Sarah G (just G not Geronimo, you loser). I think she is confessing about redundancy or some similar sh*t in her brain in this song. I listen and sing to this more than I will ever admit.

I live in less-than-ideal conditions in the rural areas of Iloilo province therefore, we barely have the amenities of city bois and gurls. What we do have is 3.5G signals flying over our heads (and the carabao's heads) from Globe Telecom. I thank you in behalf of everyone Globe for extending an invitation to modern technology. I gladly accept. Take me now.

Globe announced their new tie-up with Spotify, a music platform where you get to stream music and save them offline (for free and legally). Spotify announced it too on their blog and I did read the title as "Mabuhey!".

I think Spotify is to act like antiseptic to the blood gushing out of the wounds from the announcement of new GoSurf plans (very limited GBs as opposed to the browse till you die SuperSurf).

I love this woman so much. Check the Now Playing bar at the bottom. Look for that song and don't forget to thank me after!

Spotify is great. I spend 999 for the monthly internet subscription and with that I get a premium account + additional GBs dedicated to the platform. If you subscribe to sub-PHP299 packages, you'll get a less grand basic account which I presume is uncool.

It is a pretty app with a wonderful selection of music. You get to discover new artists too. New artists that you will bring with you to bed and listen to until you sleep. Blagargarl. There is a Discover tab but it sucks. Hit or miss – no artificial intelligence taste-makers. What we need in this world are algorithms who could tell us what to listen to, what to eat and what to do with our lives.

I've been actually listening to too much soul Africana these past few days. I'm such a sucker for exoticism. (Proof: I do Tae Bo which is a success story on orientalism + vain western intentions)

Claiming your premium account is a little flimsy though. You go to Globe's website then you enter in your phone number blah blah. The instructions are pretty clear except in the end you will be second guessing if everything actually worked. In my case it did. Lucky me.

I miss Royskopp & Robyn. I'm into North European music. Does celtic sound count? I dig that too!

Here are field notes:
  • Streaming in this app counts against a different quota ergo not affecting your general internet loitering/browsing quota
  • It is pretty
  • Great song selection. Upwards of 30 Million songs. Most of them are noise but whatever. You don't need much effort to find the treasure troves. 
  • Since I read financial reports and I'm a boring person, they actually have good pay-outs to artists on their platforms. Their goal is to make people pay for music and to not just be good-for-nothings waiting for free stuff. Omg guys, we need to pay the artists. Arianna Grande's name could be an adjective for her bank about but what about the other people with beat-up Congo drums and bad hair? 
  • Extensive OPM support. I'm not an OPM fan but I do love seeing who can sustain "Ikot-ikot lang, ikot ikot. Ikot-ikot lang." So far Sarah G. leads by 300:1. I can win this with practice. I do love some OPM like Eheads omg I can challenge you to a sing-off just e-mail me. Calla Lily too because I had icky elementary days. 
  • You can save music for offline listening if you have a Premium account, since everything now is quick to pointing out if you could afford stuff or just a try-hard. It has a basic ad-supported free service.

And since I can't stand people not being entirely sure of what I mean, the last item on that list is a snarky comment on the hellhole this world has become. Those thoughts are in a separate chamber of my brain dresser I wouldn't like to explore this early in the morning.

This might be the best thing to happen to the Philippines since Limewire.

Thanks for reading! Have a productive day. Brush your teeth. Kthanksbye.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The thought processes of a spendthrift

I check my bank account and holy crap I have money I need to buy crap like an HDMI adaptor for my laptop, those black shoes because despite being ugly, they are comfy and on 50% discount. I also need new pants, not the cheap average kind, I like the Levi's 501s because those bifurcates last a lifetime and also new goggles because the cheap Intex ones would probably render me blind in the long run. Also a new phone because omg radiation crap will turn my head to toast and new phones are much safer. Also booking tickets to Phuket and disprove my sister's bickering about it being pronounced "Puket" and not "Fuket" Oh let me book an open ticket just so I can bring a local and ask him to tell my sister it's not "Puket". And save $150 just in case it is actually "Puket"– maybe I can buy my way into being correct. blah blah blah.... oooh shiny let me buy the crap out of that useless thing....

This blog will turn into a self-help slab for a spendthrift. Subscribe at your leisure.